12 Reasons why dating a Lawyer is Irresistible

  • July 15, 2017
  • 4:14 am
  • Vaishnavi Sen

While most of us think lawyers are objective, argumentative or hard to deal with and definitely not the right choice for dating, there’s another more positive way to look at it.

Lawyers can actually be looked as smart, intelligent, classy and pretty law-gical. Dating a lawyer can be very rewarding indeed.  Here are 12 valid reasons why dating a lawyer can be awesome

  1. Your date will stand up for you, even when you’re wrong.

They know how to lend support to people when they are right but also when they are wrong. Chances are this will apply to you as well.

Your date will stand up for you, even when you’re wrong. Don’t you want that? Don’t lie.

  1. Lawyers are very experienced negotiators and excel at conflict resolution.

Lawyers are terribly good negotiators and it won’t be a problem for them to persuade your parents for your hand.

If you ask me, this is probably the greatest perk of dating an attorney.

  1. Lawyers have good memories — or at least good note-taking skills.

They have a great memory; they will never forget important days: first kiss, first make out, birthday, anniversary, and so on.

They will even remember your mother’s/sister’s/baby’s birthday as well.

4.     They love arguments, debates and discussions; your life will never be boring around them.

Take a lawyer on a date and you’ll learn about the whole wide world. Pick any topic and they will amaze you with their speaking and reasoning skills.

  1. Most lawyers are fantastic dressers. (Yes, there’s more than one suit in his/her closet.)

Lawyers possess an incredible dressing sense. They look super hot everyday in their black coat and pants.

Thanks to their profession, where they are trained to dress well. You will never see them in loose t-shirts or in torn jeans on a date. Their style is the perfect mixture of class and elegance. Even their briefcases look so sexy.

  1. Lawyers are often invited to interesting social events. Most of them include an open bar.

Good lawyers have a diverse social circle, which you too get a chance to be part of.

Get ready to have the time of your life as lawyers attend a lot of elite parties, which include open bars. Sounds exciting! You’ll get free access to high profile social events and to all sorts of international liquor brands. Get your dancing shoes out ready and show your best moves.

  1. Lawyers are eloquent, articulate and very insightful when it comes to reading another person’s character.

You don’t have to give them your mood details; they are pretty good at observing all those around them.

Lawyers are pretty good mind readers.

  1. Lawyers are financially secure.

Normally, a well-settled lawyer will be able to provide you financial stability for the rest of your life.

Lawyers are good with money and if you are dating a smart lawyer, you have secured a bright future for yourself. Smart lawyers are rare but if you find one then never let them go.

  1. Lawyers are passionate about storytelling.

Wouldn’t you like listening to some fascinating stories during breakfast or before you go to bed?

Your date will have interesting law-school stories (and lots of life experience). As a general rule, lawyers work hard and play hard.

  1. If you ever need your partner’s services, he/she will work especially hard for you.

Got a legal issue? Don’t worry. We have a solution for you. Date a lawyer, simple.

You won’t even have to pay for the legal services. Isn’t that a good deal?

  1. Lawyers are witty and have an amazing sense of how to carry oneself in public.

This is a huge, social plus of lawyer boyfriend.

And, last but definitely not the least..

  1. Quoting your date will make you sound smarter: “My boyfriend is a lawyer and he says…”

Your mom and dad will be impressed. Plus: A lawyer in the family is always a good thing!