New Era of Supreme Court: Digital filing towards paperless appeals

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

In an event held at Vigyan Bhavan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the spirit of Chief Justice of India, Justice JS Khehar, Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and other Supreme Court judges launched a new website of the Supreme Court of India, which will attribute the Integrated Case Management Information System.

Chief Justice of India J.S Khehar

The Chief Justice of India, Justice J.S. Khehar, addressed the gathering that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made an exposition for introducing technology in the Courts.
The Integrated Case Management Information System is an advancement of the existing e filing. It will see to it that the cases filed are digital. The appellant will just require filing the grounds of appeal to the Supreme Court and the system will automatically redeem other documents befitting the case from the concerned High Court.

Justice Khanwilkar

Justice Khanwilkar appreciating the new initiative said that it would be an illustration of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas.” He added that it also creates trust among the common people, which is the key to ‘New India.’
The new filing facility is expected to be active when the court re-opens after summer vacation.

Digital filing of cases would make the judicial system “extremely transparent” and rule out any manipulation of records, Chief Justice of India said. Introducing the ‘Integrated Case Management Information System’, “I propose to take this system to all the High Courts and then to all the district court.”

He added, “This is a process which will ensure a transparent system. A system, which cannot be breached or altered. This digitized process promises to replace pleadings, but it will not change any rule.”

The system would be different from the present e-filing process as lawyers will be required to file only the grounds of appeal in the apex court and the remaining judicial files would be automatically uploaded. “This programme is the resource from the database which exists.

Supreme Court of India

Therefore, if you are filing an appeal in the Supreme Court from a case in the High Court, all you need to do is to put in the number of the case you are filing.” As soon as the grounds are filed, the entire paper book of the High Court is transferred to the Supreme Court. So the paperwork of the Supreme Court is finished.


Justice Khehar said the step is of great environmental help, as it will reduce the use of paper. Addressing the programme titled ‘Moving towards, security and transparency from a paper court, to a digital court’; he said all parties in the High Courts would be automatically informed so they can download the grounds of appeals challenging the orders.

The government departments and common appellants will come to know instantly about the filing of the case and can download the paper book from the website. The CJI said with the introduction of new system, filing process will be monitored and the appellant will file one case in his lifetime in a dispute from the trial court to the Supreme Court.The advantages of the new system provide that nobody can deny from any filing because the moment you file, the filing system tells about what court fees.

Therefore, the client knows that this much is the amount of court fees involved. In addition, if delayed the system tells what the delay for limitation is and what should be the application and how many days of delay must be explained. This system tells the client, the day process (notice) is served upon the other party, the day the case is taken up, the days on which various orders are passed, status of case.

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