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About the company.


LexHindustan is an education society, and Legal Aid firm offering cutting-edge blend of capabilities to individuals and organizations. We deals with both corporate as well as litigation matters. With the Head-Offices at New Delhi and Indore we have associated offices in other parts of India.Our Firm aims to guide individuals in an array of matters starting from basic legal advice in private matters to approaching the court for a generic social cause via a Public Interest Litigation.

Since its foundation the Society has worked to promote for the public benefit education, study and research in the field of law and related subjects (including adr, arbitration and adjudication), both in the India and overseas.


Our Team

Why Choose Us

Our core strategic objectives for 2017-18 are:

• To build a research profile of depth and breadth which has demonstrable and transformative impact (academic, legal and social)

• To support and sustain a community of world-class scholars, enriched by a programme of academic exchange and international links to other world-leading institutions 

• To deliver wide-ranging and research-led curricula, 

• To produce highly skilled, research-minded, employable graduates, who are able to progress to professional qualification in India(via the Certificate and the Diploma in Professional Legal Studies), and (via all programmes) who have the skills-set to be future leaders in their chosen areas, and who are socially and ethically responsible citizens

• To contribute to the enhancement of the local and international practitioner and policy communities by offering advice/briefings, training courses and events

• To support and sustain active engagement between the academic and the civic, through building a dynamic culture of knowledge exchange which brings together the wider community, the legal and non-legal professions, and Alumni.


    Our vision is to supply our students with skilled legal education in a timely and effective fashion.   We endeavor to handle each issue with accountability and responsiveness, as if we were presenting ourselves. We concentrate our attention on the legal prospects of our students' business so that our pupils can focus their attention on the success of their itinerary.   Our vision reflects our values: integrity, service, excellence and teamwork.






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-An Instructor