These Actors Just Lived Through The Roles in These Bollywood Biopics

  • January 12, 2018
  • 10:38 pm
  • shubham tiwari

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There’s no shortage of great biopic films coming out of Hollywood, but often times the actor in the biopic movie never gets to meet the real person they’re portraying them From behind the scenes photos to stars at red carpet premieres, these are some of the best pictures of real people meeting the actor playing them.

Historical dramas and biopics are a dime a dozen. Every year brings plenty of these films for moviegoers and history buffs alike to eat up.Biopics have become a trend in the Bollywood in recent years. The actors who played these characters role were the best choice for the role.They pulled it off so well, their characters are still fresh in our mind

Dangal about Mahavir Singh Phogat

This much awaited film tells the story of the man from a village in Haryana that taught his daughters to wrestle, making them into medal-winning, pride-winning sportswomen. Aamir Khan plays Phogat and we sure can’t wait for yet another stellar performance.

Neerja  about Neerja Bhanot

One of the year’s biggest hits so far, Sonam Kapoor as Neerja not only nailed the heroic flight attendant’s look, but moved people throughout the country with her performance.

Sarabjit about Sarabjit Singh

The story of Sarabjit was told by Randeep Hooda with a commitment to the character that was the talk of the town. It was heart-wrenching and credit has to be given to just how well the man was visualised.

Mary Kom about Mary Kom

The film made big news primarily thanks to the kind of drive Priyanka Chopra showed in perfecting her body to play a world-class boxer – Mary Kom. And we all know how well it paid off.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag  about Milkha Singh

This film made was a biopic of epic proportions and one wouldn’t expect any less from the story of India’s Flying Sikh. Farhan Akhtar’s dedication to the character shows in just how easily the film transports its audience.

It not only attracts an audience but it also brings the creative satisfaction to writer and director.Bollywood produced so many biopics based on eminent personalities from various fields.

In a biopic, finding the right cast for the lead role is the most important thing to keep the audience in the story and portraying the character’s story well.Somehow casting directors done some remarkable work and found a flawless cast.

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