The centre assured the Supreme Court bench that the provisions if the National Food Security Bill would be implemented in all  states and Union Territories and state would make all the efforts possible in this regard with great enthusiasm.

The Attorney General , K.K Venugopal, on behalf of government made this assurance as Supreme Court has expressed that the National Food Security Bill, 2013 should be implemented in all states and Union Territories, although the petition was only for implementing it in 10 states.

National Food Security bill contained in it several provisions for the betterment of our society, for people who do not have enough money to have their meals. This Bill aims to provide 5 kg, per person, per month cereals to each house member so that nobody is hungry. This bill aims to reduce hunger in India.

                        KK Venugopal

Also special provisions have been set up for pregnant woman and there would be proper records maintained as to how many people are in the targeted public distribution system. This bill tries to cover 75 % of rural population and 50 % of urban population.

Earlier, chief secretaries from the following states were present in the court, disclosing about the set up of National Food Commission in their respective states. These states were: Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh.

The bench showed their disregard as till today their are many states who have not set up National Food Commission and even if that is set up, Consumer Redressal has been asked to function as SFC’s. The bench directed the Secretary in the Union ministry of consumer affairs to convene a one more meeting in this regard .

The state of Haryana has been highly criticized for mentioning in their affidavit that there was hardly any work for SFC’s in the state of Haryana. and Judges also mention that one can only feel sad for the people of Haryana as their government do not want any development in their state.