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Member of Parliament and well opined Shashi Tharoor needs no introduction. Time and again most of us were slayed by the impeccable vocabulary of Mr. Shashi Tharoor . Tharoor’s  extensive vocabulary has mused us all and has made us seek comfort of dictionary.

First slide

The man behind the ‘Exasperating farrago’  tweet has in past left us crazily searching for Farrago. But Twitter witnessed Tharoor’s farrago which was pointed out by none other than the man infamous for being a Grammar Nazi for netizens Mr. Suhel Seth


Expressing his gratitude to his viewers for joining his Facebook live, Shahshi Tharoor put out a lovely tweet.

Yeah! you can see the error too.

Suhel Seth took the responsibility of correcting this error of congressman Tharoor.

Though Tharoor being the man he is he took it very well and replied Suhel in his own style


but twitter went crazy that someone got a chance to correct Tharoorian English (which in our opinion shall be declared as a separate langugae…. no kidding)

Twitteraties response is gold





We can’t agree more, indeed a rare sight.





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