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The press conference of Big Boss 11, this weekend, was quite shocking for not just the media but for the housemates as well. The Q&A session turned out to be an assembly of washing dirty linen in public for the five finalists.

The most shocking gossip was when Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde talked about Akash Dadlani being a pervert, with Puneesh Sharma. In the heat of the discussion, Puneesh revealed that Akash has a habit of smelling ladies’ undergarments. Much to the yuck response of all journalist, this was the most shocking element of the press conference that happened this week on the sets of the house located in Lonavala.

Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Akash Dadlani sniffs women’s undergarments, the truth revealed by Puneesh Sharma. Though during Press Conference, Vikas Gupta stopped Puneesh and Akash and asked them not to talk about these things on national television.

Questioned about the hygiene habits of all contestants. Hina talked about how Shilpa keeps her cupboard untidy. The argument went to Puneesh revealing that Hina spends one and half hour in the Bathroom. Hina, as a retort, quipped on the colour of Puneesh’s teeth. So the Bigg boss contestants went on to talk rubbish in front of the national media.

At that moment Puneesh quipped about Akash’s fetish. It was at this moment Vikas Gupta stopped Puneesh and Akash and asked them not to talk about these things on the national television.

So all in all the finalists justified their actions in the press conference. While media was refrained from talking to contestants about the social media buzz, the housemates seem to be aware of their frenzy. Since the time they visited the mall and saw the crowd hysteria they seem to have gathered their popularity. So this week there will be one more voting and that leaves the 4 finalists that go for the finale on 14 January.

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