BJP’s ‘Mission 120’ in 2019 Assembly poll

  • September 9, 2017
  • 9:45 pm
  • sadhvi Bharadwaj

 Amit Shah,the BJP’s president embarked on his three-day visit to Odisha to startle party workers and leaders for its goal to win 120 of 147 seats in the 2019 Assembly poll. A host of senior BJP leaders including Union ministers Prakash Javadekar and Dharmendra Pradhan have also arrived to join Shah, who is on 110-day nationwide tour to strengthen the party.

Dismissing Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s doubts expressed earlier in the day, Shah said, “Umar umar ki baat hai. (It’s a question of age). Let Naveen babu learn how to count till 120, on counting day at 10.30 am BJP will win 120 seats and form the government with two-third majority.” Polls for Odisha’s 147 seat Assembly are held simultaneously with General Elections.

During the visit:

  1. Several rounds of discussions to be held with BJP MLAs, leaders and workers.
  2. To achieve ‘Mission 120‘, strategies are needed to be chalked out.
  3. All this was envisaged during his (Amit Shah) last Odisha tour.
  4. Separate meeting will be held with state office bearers, district presidents and district prabharis (in-charge).
  5. The BJP President is to address booth level workers at a mega conclave of the workers at the Janta Maidan on Friday.

What the members say:

1) BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said the people of the state are “fed up with backwardness, misrule and corruption” during the BJD-rule and are eagerly waiting to have a taste of good governance of the BJP “whose popularity is growing under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi”.

                 Naveen Patnaik

2) Javdekar said the BJP mission for the next general election would be highly successful in Odisha. “Enough is enough,” he said adding that “the people of Odisha are now disillusioned with BJD rule for the last 17 years and are keen to bring about a change in order to be a part of the development process”.

3) He said the BJP’s impressive performance in over seven backward and poor districts in the last rural polls earlier this year in the state showed the people’s growing support for the party.

4) Shah’s three-day visit would provide new energy to the party for the next polls, he said.

At the last:

Shah argued that

  1. the BJP was the party to pick in 2019, making a comparative study of political parties on three grounds — inner-party democracy, ideology or principles and performance.
  2. On performance too, he claimed, the BJP had a proven track record of pushing development.
  3. “When the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government came to power the GDP was at 4.4%. Six years later when he went it was at 8.8%.
  4. Then Manmohan Singh formed the government. He took it down and left it at 4.4%.
  5. Then the country chose a tea-makers son and again, leave the last quarter, and it is back again7.2%,” said Shah.
  6. Taking a swipe at the BJD’s two decades in power, Shah compared Patnaik’s governance to “a burnt transformer”
  7. He would not pass on the benefits and opportunities passed on through high-tension lines from Central government. “What does one do to burnt transformers? Uproot it and throw out this government, which cannot develop Odisha.”
                          Sambit Patra

“Since Independence there have been 1650 parties registered with the Election Commission. I will not hesitate to say only two parties, the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Communist Party, still have internal democracy within their parties.

If today Sonia Gandhi decide she no longer wanted to stay President (of the Congress) is there any confusion on who would succeed her. Now tell me who will follow me as president (of the BJP)? You can not because we don’t run on lines of a dynasty or family,” said Shah.

He gave his rise as booth worker who stuck posters to party president as merit recognized within the BJP.