Centre to Pay Rs. 25,000 as Fine for Non-Filing of Affidavit

  • August 7, 2017
  • 2:25 pm
  • yuvraj_goswami_16

A Supreme Court bench comprising Justice Madan B Lokur, Justice Prafulla C Pant and Justice Deepak Gupta has slapped a fine of Rs. 25,000 on the Centre due to the failure in filing of an affidavit on the steps taken by the Centre to prevent sexual assaults and to compensate victims of such cases.

The PIL was file by Adv. Nipun Saxena to introduce certain measures to be takenfor safety of women in public tansportand public places. He had even filed an RTI application in January, 2013 to know whether compensation was being granted to the victims adequately or not. As per Section 357A of the Cr.P.C. which was added in the year 2009 as an amendment which grants the Court the power to grant compensation to victims of sexual assaults. Through the FIR, he got to know that though there was the presence of such a Section, the compensation was granted to such victims in only eight cases till February 2013.

In his PIL he had suggested that GPS system and high security registration plate with maintenance of log book of all the destinations covered by such public transport vehicles be introduced and the employment of more and more women bus driver/conductors, and the employment of women as taxi/auto drivers, also employing women in small shops/booths near railway stations/bus stands/shopping malls, etc. as steps to curb sexual assaults.

The Supreme Court had on 17th April asked the Centre to file an affidavit by 4th July on the said matter. It was observed by the Court that almost a month had passed and there was no such affidavit presented by the Centre. Hence, the Court granted the Centre four more weeks subject to the Centre giving a fine of Rs. 25,000.