In a recent judgment, the Delhi High Court ordered that an action be taken against a woman who had filed false gang-rape charges. The Trial Court found the woman guilty of alleging false complaint against the accused. The Court observed that no one would ordinarily file such false allegations because of the social stigma attached with this kind of crime but the fact that such a case has been filed, there must be action taken against such complainant.

The Court also said that the court should not forget about the grief and the torture that an accused in such cases has to deal with. The accused in such cases has his reputation shunned and he is looked down in the eyes of the society. The Court said that such cases may be as damning to the as to the victim of such cases. He is looked down by his family, friends, spouse, children and the society.

Case Background

The case was filed by a woman stating that she was gang-raped by the two accused doctors. The complainant used to work under the doctors before but was terminated from the job in March, 2013. She alleged that the accused called the complainant on January, 2014 to offer her to give her back the job and in that process, they both raped her. She also alleged that the accused had threatened her not to file any complaint.

The Appeal was filed by the State under Art. 378 against the order of Trial Court which had acquitted the two accused. The Court observed that proceedings against the complainant be taken because of the fact that the whole criminal machinery had been misused and put to use just to take revenge.