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Bold, free-spirited and non-conformist, these are terms that perhaps describe Nia Sharma. The lady has the knack of making news making her a true ‘Controversy’s Child.

Being an actress on Indian television is not easy and being a bold one at that is as difficult as difficult can get!Nia Sharma has often been taunted, mocked and harassed by the media for her actions, but the woman never lets it affect her. Infact, her confidence seems to be increasing by the day.

Nia Sharma’s personality is so dynamic, it has a little something for everyone. Her Girl Next Door Vibe blends seamlessly with her hot avatar. To add to this, the woman speaks her mind.

At the age of 21, Nia went bald for the role of Manvi in Ek Hazaaron Main Meri Behna Hai. She was playing the part of a cancer patient and had to sport the look, though she was very apprehensive about it. However, her guts paid off and audiences showered all their love on Manvi. The episode where Kushal Tandon shaves off his hair to show solidarity with his lady love (Nia) got the highest TRPs for the show.

While she may have only recently been touted as Asia’s 3rd Sexiest woman, only after Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone. You know what that means? She has toppled over atleast a dozen popular Bollywood actresses on this chart, earned a worldwide recognition and just made a million more hearts swoon.

People loved the pairing of Virat and Manvi on the show. The two were great friends (they still are) and rumours were rife about them being a couple. Apparently, the two used to spend a lot of time together in Kushal’s makeup room and were seen cosying up. “Nia is a very dear friend. She is a sweetheart, is like family and nobody has the right to tarnish a girl’s image.

While most would say age is just a number, here is Nia Sharma throwing it in your face every single time she wins an accolade and trust us, we are not complaining. The woman is 24 – Not even quarter a century yet and has already achieved so much. The way we see it, if she stays this vivacious self there are places she is going and they look gooood!

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