Raj Kundra’s Promise to his Girlfriend

  • January 4, 2018
  • 8:39 pm
  • Priti Dayal

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Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty celebrated their new year at Dubai. The duo shared Pictures of their vacation on various social media platform. In one of the posts Raj shared his promise to his girlfriend (we can call it his new year resolution too) and it so cute.

Raj took Shilpa Shetty' fitness challenge
Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Raj Kundra

Shilpa and raj tied their nupital knots November 22nd, 2009 and are proud parent of a son. While Shilpa is a fitness freak and expert Raj isn’t that inclined towards fitness. Shilpa has launched her own fitness program that has gained popularity in global market. Raj posted this sweet promise to his Girlfirend. Currently he is 97.3 Kg and hopefully in 60 days he’ll get rid of approximately 10 kg.




There is no new girlfriend or anything alike. Raj calls Shilpa as his Girlfriend. This definitely gonna earn him some brownie points (or healthy oats points.. lol) for being such a loving husband.

All the best Raj, hope you win this challenge. you’ve already won our hearts.

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