Ram Jethmalani & Controversially Curious things about him.

  • August 22, 2017
  • 8:30 am
  • Harsh Vardhan Tripathi

Sometimes good guys need to work for bad guys to find out if they are really bad. Or as Ram Jethmalani puts it,

I decide according to my consciences who to defend. A lawyer who refuses to defend a person on the ground that people believe him to be guilty is himself guilty of professional misconduct.”

Ram Jethmalani has been a part of many controversies and often he is regarded as the Smuggler’s Lawyer.

Here are quick facts about Mr Ram Jethmalani you all should know about.

  1. I’m 93 years old and I can die any day but I assure that it will not happen before I get you justice from the Supreme Court.
  2. Mr. Jethmalani (born 23 September 1923) is arguably the best veteran criminal lawyer in the country, former Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) and an eminent professor of law.
  3. He is the highest paid Lawyer in the country. However, interestingly he has fought 90% of his cases free of cost, mostly in nation’s interest.

    “Age is an issue of mind over matter, if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter.” Something to be learnt from Mr Ram Jethmalani.
  4. He is a defender of democracy. “The institution of Parliament is suffering total loss of public respect. This does not augur well for Indian democracy,” he said in his letter to Congress president Mrs. Sonia Gandhi while revoking his offer to defend her in the National Herald case.
  5. His involvement in cases like Asaram Bapu (Sexual harassment Case) and Manu Sharma (Jessica Lal Murder Case) has sparked moral and ethical discourse.
  6. Jethmalani has said that he will not charge a single penny from Kejriwal for defending him in a defamation case slapped on him by Arun Jaitley. Maybe because he was expelled from BJP in 2013, for accusing it of being “silent against high corruption.

  7.  He defended underworld don Haji Mastan in smuggling cases.
  8.  Jethmalani had appeared for Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh, convicted for the assassination of the late prime minister Indira Gandhi.
  9.  Jethmalani also argued for Rajiv Gandhi assassination case convict V Sriharan alias Murugan.
  10. “If a criminal wants me to defend him, why should I not relieve him of his money?
  11. It shall be the duty of an advocate fearlessly to uphold the interests of his client by all fair and honorable means without regard to any unpleasant consequences to himself or any other. He shall defend a person accused of a crime regardless of his personal opinion as to the guilt of the accused, bearing in mind that his loyalty is to the law which requires that no man should be convicted without adequate evidence, Ram Jethmalani proudly asserts.

So, next time you go out and a lawyer refuses to take up your case by reasoning out that it lacks moral credibility and public acceptance, brief him about the kind of rebel Ram Jethmalani is.

He still is the best and highly paid Criminal Lawyer in India. He is an asset to the legal industry of India.