The Supreme Court in a suit filed against the air pollution created by the fire crackers ordered that standards be set for the production of fire crackers which do not create problems in the environment. The order was for CENTRAL POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD (CPBC) who asked for time till 15th September 2017 so as to make such standards.

The Supreme Court has also ordered that till the time such standards are laid down, no crackers should be made which contain antimony, lithium, arsenic, mercury and lead. It has to be ensured by the Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organization (PESO) that the above order is observed especially in Sivasaki which is the hub of fire cracker production.

There is a doubt on the presence of the compound strontium and the Supreme Court has asked the parties to check on it and the next hearing dated on 23rd August 2017.
The pollution is anyway increasing and there needs to regulations upon the things which harm it more. The petition was filed by minors against the production and usage of fire crackers. The air pollution needs to be checked and the government should lay down standards which regulate the production of firecrackers and the substances which harm the environment should not be used.