Ten reasons why Dogs are Better than a Boyfriends

  • January 20, 2018
  • 1:11 pm
  • Sifty Singh

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Dogs are better than relatives, colleague and certainly Boyfriends, and here are the reasons why:


10) They won’t cheat

A dog is human’s best friend so you don’t have to worry about them cheating behind your back, that’s for sure.

9)Dog won’t care if you get fat

Your dog would never stop loving you just because you got fat or don’t fit into your old jeans anymore or are living off junk food for month.Dog won’t judge.

8) Cuddle all you want

Your dog has all the time in the world to cuddle with you, no they  won’t say they are getting late for work, they don’t feel like it or they don’t like cuddling. Whenever you need a cuddle, rush to your Dog.

7)The later you arrive, the more happy they are to see you

No matter how late you are your dog is always happy to see you. Infact the later you come the more excited your dog gets. So no more nagging, that sounds like a hoot.

6)Dogs never come home drunk

Dogs won’t go out with their guys and get drunk and return in the morning, I guess its one less headache.

5)Dogs aren’t threatened if you earn more

Infact they kinda like it, the more you earn the more luxuries you can afford for them.

4)They feel guilty when they make a mistake

Dogs aren’t assholes and they actually feel really guilty when they do something wrong and infact listen to you quietly when you scold them, rather than talking back.

3)They love when your friends come over

Dog won’t complain about your friends coming over like your boyfriend will, Dogs actually love when they get to smell new people.

2)No complains at all

No your dog won’t complain about your cooking or your routine or you leaving the lights on or watching too much tv.


1) You can train a dog

Oh this is the best one, you can actually train a dog according to your schedule, no more whining or chaos!



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