Hijras/transgender persons face huge discrimination in access to public spaces like restaurants, cinemas, shops, malls etc.Discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation or gender identity, therefore, impairs equality before law and equal protection of law and violates Article 14 of the Constitution of India.But Kerala government are working in their field for their rights for their good future and for their good life. Kerala state government has many proposal for them.

A new initiative by the Kerala government puts the state miles ahead of others in India in the field of transgender rights. Months after the government decided to employ several transgender employees in the Kerala metro, health minister KK Shailaja has declared that all state-run medical colleges and hospitals will soon have clinics meant for transgender people. The first such clinic is already functioning in Kottayam Medical College for the past three months and the government plans to extend its services to more in the coming days. Right now, on a trial basis, the clinic operates on the first Tuesday of the month in Kottayam. the government is also planning to open two surgical wings for people who want to undergo sex reassignment surgeries. The first one will be opened in Kottayam within a month and a second one will come up soon after.

In May this year, the Kerala government appointed 23 transgender people to various posts in the state-run Kochi Metro rail. However, within days of their appointment, eight of them quit because residents of the city were unwilling to rent houses to them. Or worse still were charging them extra-high rent. Since most of these facilities will be primarily run by cis gender people, which may lead to trans men and women feeling uncomfortable, the government plans to employ transgender volunteers to ease the process.

The Kottayam clinic was opened in May this year and had treated over 50 patients in less that two months,  reported in July this year.government’s initiative are a welcome move, the general public has to be sensitized enough to make transgender people comfortable in regular workplaces and other public spaces where they feel ostracised. Here’s hoping the Kerala government is able to overcome these hurdles as well.