WILL of Nani Palkhiwala speaks how great a person he was.

  • July 16, 2017
  • 11:38 am
  • Harsh Vardhan Tripathi

Inspiring Will of Nani Palkhivala

When I die …
Give my sight to tho man who has never seen a sunrise.
Give my heart to one who has known the agony of the heart.
Give my blood to a youth pulled from the wreckage of a car
so that he might live to see his grandchildren play. Let my
kidneys drain the poison from another’s body.
Let my bones be used to make a crippled child walk
Burn what is left of me and scatter the ashes to the wind to
let the flowers grow.
If you must bury something, let it be my faults and my
prejudices against my fellowmen.
Give my sins to the Devil.
Give my soul to the God.
If you wish to remember me, do it with a kind deed or word
to someone who needs you.
If you do all I’ve asked. I’ll live for ever.